The water of Tufaro


Water proprity
The area of the sulphurous water is located in the vicinity of the carbonate block of Monte Pruno, in the upper valley of the river Sele.Clear and greenish-blue is the sulphurous water of Tufaro – the chemical and physical properties we intentionally use for mud therapy, balneotherapy and inhalations. By courtesy of the accumulation of ions, such as bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium, sulfate, and lithium, the water of Tufaro has excellent properties against osteoporosis and also has a positive effect on the growth of bones and teeth.






Thermal Park

Enjoy sports and wellness Our Thermal Park is surrounded by dense and native vegetation and has much to offer because of its size of 10.000m2: A bar, a restaurant with self-service, several dressing rooms, a children’s playground and five pools:

  • Mefite: Length 18m – Width 8m – depth 1,80 m
  • Selenia: Length 25m – 15m Width – Depth 1.40 m (half Olympic pool)
  • Helix: Length 12m – 5m width – depth 1,40 m (with underwater massage, whirlpool)
  • Arcobaleno: 15m – Width 7m – depth 1,70 m (with stream showers)
  • Tufarina: Length 10m – 4m width – depth 0,60 m (for children)