Tanagro Valley

45 km from Salerno and just 15 from our Thermal center, on the Salerno Reggio Calabria’s Campaign, with ancient origins, it was a Roman city hall and headquarters of the Diocese. Take a stroll in the old town on the occasion of “chiena”, the deviation in the streets of the river Tenza country. To visit the library and the archives of the Diocesan seminary and the Domenitano Convent of St. Bartholomew, where he stayed Giordano Bruno. It also recommends a walk in the park of Mount Polveracchio, of about 200 hectares, including 180 full-protection. In this oasis of the WWF, you can admire rare animals like the spotted salamander and newt.

Not far from Campagna meets the Oasis of Persano, the flagship of WWF Italy: pristine environment where lies the furtive otter, animal symbol of this paradise for naturalists and not. The area covers about 300 hectares of woods of poplars, willows and reeds favorable for nesting by many species of birds such as the Great Crested Grebe.

Returning to the A3 at about 20 km from Campagna rises Buccino, also a Roman municipality with the name of Volcentium as evidenced by the archaeological research that brought to light the Roman greek tombs, artefacts and the remains of an ancient temple. Also worth seeing is the Augustinian Monastery (XII century), and the ruins of the castle where he took refuge Pope Urban VI.

Back on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria, the A3 motorway exit, there is the municipality of Contursi Terme, famous for its hot springs of mineral and curative waters known since ancient times. We recommend a visit to the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine (156 1). 1 typical of this area products ranging from extra virgin olive oil, to the whole wheat bread, legumes.

After Contursi meets Oliveto Citra, interesting archaeologically for necropolis dating back to the seventh and eighth centuries BC The town, thanks to the abundance of water, consists of a remarkable production of vegetables and a developed animal husbandry.
A few kilometers from Oliveto, on the slopes of Monte Marzano, collected in a sort of natural amphitheater, there Colliano. Significant the Medieval Castle of S. Maria del Borgo (X111 century). Among the well-known local products is the truffle.

After about 2 km there is Valva, the center already exists at the time of Augustus in 14 d.C_ In the town there is a beautiful eighteenth-century villa built by the Marquis G.M. Valva. The park, about 18 hectares, consists of gardens and long avenues. The structure is one of the most beautiful and characteristic of its kind in Italy.

After the towns of Laviano and Santomenna, on a rocky outcrop rises Castelnuovo di Conza, rich in prehistoric, Etruscan and Roman. In addition to the remains of a Lombard castle. in locations Torricelle, we are the Church of St. Mary of Petrarch with Baptistery and the thirteenth-century portal.