Certosa of Padula

Padula, or San Lorenzo, is a Carthusian monastery located in Padula, in the Vallo di Diano, in the province of Salerno. This is the first Carthusian monastery to be kind in Campania, anticipating that of San Martino in Naples and San Giacomo in Capri. Occupying an area of 51,500 m², relying on three cloisters, a garden, a courtyard and a church, is one of the most sumptuous Baroque monuments of southern Italy as well as the biggest monastery at national level and among the largest in Europe. Since 1957 houses the provincial archaeological museum of Western Lucania and was declared in 1998 by UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the nearby archaeological sites of Velia, Paestum, the Vallo di Diano and the Cilento National Park. Since December 2014 it is part of the assets managed by the Museums of the Campania. In 2015 he recorded 72,936 visitors.