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Pamper yourself, become inebriated with art and colour, and immerse yourself in beauty and history.

Terme del Tufaro is all of this.

A spa that offers the pleasures of well-being and care. A hotel that is a masterpiece in which the knowledgeable and innovative use of colour makes its hospitality even more captivating. Situated in a privileged position, it is a starting point from which to make new discoveries and reach the most renowned archaeological and tourist sites of the Campania region.

This tourist-thermal station was built around the age-old Tufaro spring, whose thermal mineral waters have outstanding qualities for therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitative treatments. Its modern, linear architecture blends with creative spirit and thus, with art, while the lush vegetation enclosing the complex unites this art to relaxation, treatments and well-being.

The Terme del Tufaro was founded by Civitas, a company that has operated for years in the rehabilitation sector and is recognized by the National Health Care Service.

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Terme del Tufaro spa&hotel Località Tufaro - Contursi Terme (SA) - Italy