The city is located on the gulf of the Tyrrhenian Sea, between the Amalfi coast (west) and the plain of the Sele (southeast), the point where the dell’Irno valley opens towards the sea. From the orographic point of view the region is very diverse, in fact it goes from sea level up to the 953 meters of Mount Stella. The village is spread along the coast and extends inland to the hills beyond. About 50 kms away from our thermal center, the provincial capital turns out to be a very particular reality and booming and proves to be a milestone of great historical and architectural interest.

The main points of interest to visit in the city are:
– the cathedral of Salerno-Arechi Castle
– the classic rich history center back alley
– the course full of stores for shopping
– the waterfront, the evening walks theater
– the bell tower
Arab-Norman style, 52 meters high and commissioned in the twelfth century by the Archbishop William of Ravenna
– the Etruscan-Samnite archaeological area of Fratte district
– the town park
– the theater named after G. Verdi
– the new and modern seaport, masterpiece
modern architecture